2011 Season wrap-up

That’s right we used a lot of wood. The pile above is about 10 feet high. We burned almost 70 cords this year! Thanks to those of you who help move a load or two.

Don’t ask about the carbon foot print this year. Sorry Gaia. We’ll do better. Promise? We’d better. do better.

The reason we burned so much wood (and made so much syrup!) was we added vacuum to a pipeline system that was previously on gravity. The increase in sap was astounding. Vacuum is the conventional method for most production of maple syrup nowadays. Look for a post soon describing how vacuum works in a sugarbush.

better do better.

A reverse osmosis (RO) machine will help. Some say the use of ROs lessens the flavor of the syrup. Continue reading “2011 Season wrap-up”

Toyota Tacomas

I sure do miss many of the winter efficiencies of the four-wheel drive Toyota. I just drove a friend’s vehicle the other day and those Tacomas have got something going for them! (I promise my excitement has not been magnified by that huge payoff they gave me for using inferior steel on a bunch of vehicles)

What do you say about the new vehicle!? It’s pretty nice. Lots of space, don’t have to crawl on the old knees to find boxes. Diesel. Consistently gets 23 mpg unless you get stuck in traffic trying to cross the Lincoln Tunnel… Can’t wait to fill it with some homebrewed diesel fuel!