Other work I do

Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) : educates students and adults across the state about electricity and energy production. I can do a few different flexible presentations focusing on how electricity is made, conservation, as well as the mechanics and opportunities in renewable energy. We also do a program called “Whole Schools” bringing together energy professionals, educators and most importantly students in order to conduct real energy audits of their school in order to present findings and suggestions to the school board. If the savings can realistically be achieved these audits can mean change you can believe in! (that line isn’t patented is it?)

Food Websites

Want a food job?  You could pick vegetables.  Want a good food job? Check out these food jobs…amazing food jobs requiring the gamut of professional skills. With Good Food Jobs, the world’s the limit, just keep it local!

NOFA – VT : an excellent promoter of good food in all imaginable sorts of ways. I was lucky enough to be able to visit many vegetable, dairy, and maple syrup farms in order to conduct inspections as an independent contractor.

Organic Consumer’s Association : An organic watchdog organization. They are adamant about fighting Monsanto and requiring labeling of GMO’s. They are ramping up for actions later this summer and fall across the country.

THE source of Beekeeping Research News
Interested in beekeeping research? According to Ross Conrad, this is the site to go to.

Small Farmer’s Journal : a quarterly that is a powerful tool for self-sufficiency, sustainability and community. Once you read the first journal you’ll immediately want to reach for the next one.

Energy Websites

Google Dark : This one is easy. You can save energy while you google. googlygoogle!

Food Sovrienty
Fairfield School