Bees, Lumber, and Lady Liberty

This was a tough summer for the bees. Cold and rainy. I didn’t take any honey this year… Fingers are crossed as the bees have been moderately prepared for winter. They give me a new reason to scratch my head every time we visit each other. Some animal has been persistently scratching the ground underneath one of the hives while this hive is also experiencing many dead bees outside the entrance of the hive. Hmmm. Hopefully some closer observation and communication with some experienced beekeepers will provide some insight.

The end of fall is nearly upon us. As such each pleasant day for working outside becomes increasingly treasured. Mike and his helper spent three days during this last week of October milling out some lumber and beams from trees my father thinned from the sugarwoods. The plan is to build a facility dedicated to canning maple syrup with the potential to process other food products too. That Green Wind Farm label might be appearing on something else one of these days! Any requests?

Sitting in traffic on the Manhattan Bridge a view of Lady of Liberty supported by her multiple booms of commerce…can we keep them simultaneously aloft maintaining the current disregard for survival’s basic tenet, conservation (and of course population control!)? Might be tough. Let’s think we can figure it out!

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