2/17 S’appenin’

Well – I have to say – I’m very excited about how many people are feeling the Bern.  Yep – Bernie Sanders – speaking the truth for years and years and finally people are sick of political bs and hope something different might be possible.  It is going to take all of us to make any sort of long term change in politics, but it seems that there are so many issues that are making people sit up, wake up, and tune in.  Hopefully more and more people feel empowered to fight for what is right and we can “make America great again”.  What the heck does that mean anyways? (No I don’t mean great just for the white rich folks.)
Seriously though – the real news is – I got the new truck!!  Refrigerated box truck!  Wow.  I’m excited and nervous to give her (name suggestions still welcome at this point) the first trip around the city.  I will have my milk handlers and meat handlers license from the state of VT soon – and I really want to bring a few more cheeses (beyond the organic goat cheese Does’ Leap makes) into my lineup.

My father and I had a great trip down to Gay, GA  – the town where they film “Walking Dead” like that is supposed to mean something – to pick up the vehicle.  We got picked up to get to the truck body manufacturer by a genial fellow who was so glad that Obama was almost out of the White House because Obama was going to take away his guns.  We did have a little political back and forth – but it was a delicate dance.   It was a special trip – to get away from the usual routine – visiting old friends of my folks for a brief moment in Asheville (they eagerly accepted two “Billionaires can’t buy Bernie” bumperstickers) and a spectacular drive up and over the mountains into Tennessee and rolling up Interstate 81 through the farms of Western Virginia.  It was all a blur – but a nice quick glimpse of life in another part of the country.

Two McDonalds in two days!! (Coffee and Internet)
We are still getting ready to tap – putting new spouts onto our lines so that once the weather turns it all happens fast.  Yesterday was a windy cold day in the woods with the temperature dropping all day.  Some walking would get the blood flowing and warm the body, but our tasks were fairly sedentary – walking from tree to tree and having to stop and work on each drop – so the heat would slowly leave us until hands were cold and numb and a little clapping, shaking and dancing brought the blood flow back!  It was a surprise to both of us to see that the thermometer read zero degrees Fahrenheit at the end of the day.  Envigorating and exhausting…
Lots more news too -but blah, blah, blah…. maybe next time!

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