Boycott Danone / Horizon Organic Dairy – NOW

What kind of milk will this cow make!?

Many of you probably heard Danone / Horizon Organic Dairy has announced it will stop buying milk from 89 Organic Dairy Farms in the Northeast. VT Digger Article here. This abandonment of these organic producers in pursuit of cheaper milk that is “certified” organic on massive farms that continuously skirt the rules is shameful.

Certified organic means cows get a certain amount of feed (minimum 30% dry matter) from grazing during the spring, summer, and fall.   Many big outfits simply don’t do this – yet the certifiers look the other way, processors get cheap milk, and once again, the little producers who do things right get squeezed out.   Also – consumers don’t get that healthy milk that comes from cows that eat grass.  They get lower quality milk from a corn and soybean diet.   Not to mention the massively different inputs (read pollution, fertilizers, soil degradation, and lack of plant diversity) needed to produce soybeans or corn.

Read one article about this here or Duck Duck Go “Organic CAFO Dairy” to find many more.

If you want to see a more rigorous ranking of organic dairies along with other foods see Cornucopia’s Organic Score Card.

Pumpkin Village Foods supports a Full Boycott of all Danone and Horizon products at this time.

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