David: Bo Muller-Moore (one guy making t-shirts above his garage)

Goliath: Chick-fil-A (sold $3.5 BILLION worth of product in 2010)

The Beef: Chick-fil-A claims that a t-shirt maker using the slogan “Eat More Kale” is infringing upon their chicken selling restaurant chain. There are many reasons such shirts, bumperstickers, etc. pose no threat to the Chick-fil-A business.

Read the Burlington Free Press story

My friend Jeff Weinstein set up a petition for Bo here They are only a couple thousand signatures away from the goal of 25,000.

Incidentally, Jeff is also the producer of Two Guys in VT soup. His soup is excellent, with a wonderful dedication to sourcing local ingredients. You can find it at The Greene Grape and The Garden.

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