Hurricane Irene visits VT, doesn’t bring her tourist pocketbook

It’s been a wild time for some communities in Vermont since Hurricane Irene spun up off the coast and got stuck over VT and parts of upstate NY. Incomprehensible damage to many communities along waterways small and large both.

We were lucky at Green Wind Farm. We live on a rocky hillside with ledge not to far under the soil in some places so water is accustomed leaving our land to the little brook at the bottom of the hill finding its way quickly into Black Creek then the Mississquoi River which both flood multiple times a year. Our area of the state saw little damage beyond limited access to fields and woods due to wet ground and a little wind damage to trees in the woodlots.

Of all the producers I work with to get quality foods to NYC, it appears that only Catherine of Nitty Gritty had significant adversity to deal with. Closer to home, Catherine was stranded at her daughter’s house in Waitsfield, wisely turning back after attempting to drive south on Rte. 100 to her own home in Rochester. They watched the water in a creek nearby rise to unbelievable heights not knowing what to do if the water kept rising. Luckily it was all okay and 5 days later, emergency crews had worked to restore power and rudimentary road access to Rochester. Additional Nitty Gritty news is according to nephew, David, high winds blew down about 1/2 the corn on their finest cornfield.

The work repairing roads and infrastructure is just progressing well for most towns. Conversations about prudent locations of roads, and repairs are happening all across the state. Some waterways have changed and are likely to stay changed for a long time. Awareness of the tenability of locating infrastructure in many locations is prompting long-range planning. Our governor is talking about preparing for weather changes already upon us from global climate change. We’ll all recover with some hard work and community efforts. Life continues to keep us on our toes.

See some flood pictures

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