aDSC02609Maple Syrup

Our maple syrup comes from our own Green Wind Farm in the maple town capital of the maple county capital of the maple state capital – Vermont. Really.

We bottle each jar by hand in the Pumpkin House – a new building my father and I built to house this business.





Northwoods Apiaries -Westfield, Vt keeps bees in Franklin and Grand Isle counties.  Josh is a madman in all the good ways and he is fanatic about making good, clean honey.  I mean – try some yourself and let me know what you think about the good clean honey part.  I’ll let you talk to Josh about the madman part.  Tell him my father sent you.






cDSC02860Apple Cider

Champlain Orchards – 100% Solar powerd in Shoreham, VT –  Bill and Andrea and their team are amazing – kind and upbeat.  They use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and are Eco Certified – read more on Eco vs. Organic. Their cider always has great flavor – never that bland cider you often find – due to careful handling and storage methods.




Maple Candy

This iconic picture from Williamsburg really brings me back.  I balanced these maple candies on the ledge of the window of my open rusted out Chevy Express Van door as this Orthodox couple ambled through the intersection I was also clogging up.  Who runs NY?  Seriously – Chad and Mary at Maple City Candy are as sweet and sincere as they come.  They do a great business online and out of their new retail location in Swanton, VT.  Go visit – can you say maple creemees!?  Ayep.





Okay – so this is real nougat.  Didier is a real Frenchman who makes real nougat (among other amazing treats if you visit him, his wife, Julianne and daughter at their bakery/cafe Vergennes Laundry in Vergennes, VT)  I dare you – get some of that other nougat you see and do a taste test.  Not even close.  You’re welcome.




Cranberries – Fresh and Juice

Cranberry Bob, aka Vermont Cranberry Co., grows these clean berries in Fletchah, VT.

Big, beautiful, tart berries.  Excellent tart juice.

Cranberry, maple syrup, sauce link soon.






Tempeh, Rice Milk, Amazake, Natto, Miso

Rhapsody Natural Foods – Cabot, VT.  The business this family has created speaks for itself. It’s good food, good for you, and good for the planet!

p.s.  Remember how many resources it takes to produce animal protein vs. vegetable protein!?


iDSC02873Flour, Cornmeal, etc.

Tom and Catherine are the bother/sister team that produce Nitty Gritty organic grains in Charlotte, VT. It’s a tricky venture here in the Champlain Valley, but they do it very well for a long time.