Wall Street Journal chooses our syrup!

That’s right!  This spring we were contacted by Kristen at the one and only Wall Street Journal.  She first came across our pure Vermont maple syrup at Commodities Natural Market at 1st Ave and 11th in the East Village. He stocks only two brands of pure maple syrup with Green Wind being the domestic variety. The result of our discussions was an insightful blurb on the production of maple and some applications chefs in the Northeast have found for this local sweetener.

An article produced by the WSJ towards the tail end of the sugaring season was equally insightful indicating they find out what they are talking about before reporting on it!

Check out the article (and if you dare, visit a store near you to get “slinged with clean maple sweetness” all for yourself!)

Kristen says, “out of the 8 or 9 brands I tasted [Green Wind Farm and Tree Brand] ended up being my two favorites!”

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