Why Cream Top Milk?

We’re excited to have cream top milk available again from Red Barn Dairy!

What is cream top milk?  It is pasteurized but not homogenized whole milk.  You need to shake it to mix up the cream that rises to the top!!  Amber’s milk has been gently pasteurized to 145 degrees for 30 minutes.

Some say cream top milk with the fat in it’s original state is better for you than milk that has been heated and spun to permanently break up the fat molecules into smaller bits.

The end of the wisegeek link above states – “One of the biggest challenges to homogenized milk concerns heart disease and arterial plaque buildup. Some medical researchers believe that the smaller, agitated milk fat molecules that result from homogenization may bind more easily to the walls of the heart’s arteries, clogging them and potentially leading to heart disease and other ailments. Although this theory has gained a lot of attention, an equally large body of research would seem to refute it, and there does not seem to be enough information available to draw a universal conclusion.”

I don’t know much – but food (and fats in particular -think partially hydrogenated, rancid, trans-fat – right??) are so much better for you as close to their original state as possible – so if you can get ’em that way – why not!?

Numerous studies of late show that whole milk products are good for us humans – DuckDuckGo (savy-person’s google) them yourself!

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