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People need help more than ever – Can you help?

Our little food business, serving primarily grocery stores, has been little affected by the dramatic changes in habit humanity has adapted to minimize the spread of COVID 19.  In fact we maybe are benefiting from more cooking and staying home. From it’s inception the VT route has been a community service.  2020 might actually be the first year in the black!  (So maybe it’s time to figure out a new way to give?)

Amber at Red Barn Dairy, on the other hand, has lost her entire summer sales of cream top milk due to the closure of summer camps in the islands.  Food Shelves have (and will for some time we believe) had an increase in demand put on them.   Pumpkin Village Foods North has been donating whole milk to the Fairfield Food Shelf.

We’re looking to get milk out to as many people as possible though and have had conversations with a few other locations – Sheldon Food Shelf and the Family Room in Burlington.   We are counting on donations to make this happen.

If you can donate some milk money please Venmo Ian  @eschwoolan

Depending on the location – we’d be open to suggestions around other locations in need of healthy milk.  Do you know of a location that would like some milk?  We will donate our time to make it happen.

Thank you!

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